Dolphin Swim Experience

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Dolphin Swim Experience

Join the pod! You’ll love our dolphin swims.
Swim with our dolphins in shallow water. Then interact by shaking a dolphin’s fin, listening to their unique sounds, and learning about their amazing evolutionary adaptions for life in water, or simply caressing a dolphin’s back or tummy!

Your program has the following phases:


Preparation: In our locker rooms, shower off and remove any sunscreen or lotion you may be wearing. Change into your swimsuit and be sure to lock up your valuables. For the safety of our animals and for the protection of your property, jewelry, phones, cameras, purses and other personal items are not allowed in the dolphin habitat area.

Briefing: Before entering the dolphin habitat, our trainers will teach you and your group about these awesome animals and about Dolphinaris’ marine life conservation efforts. We will also review our safety guidelines. If you have questions, now is the time to ask.


  1. Your trainer will lead the way into shallow water. This is your first chance to greet the dolphins up-close!
  2. Watch as our dolphins show off their natural behaviors such as swimming, splashing, chirping.
  3. Interact directly with the dolphins as you share a Dolphin Kiss, Dolphin Hug, and fin-to-hand-shake. Make memories that will last a lifetime!
  4. Engage with our dolphins using positive reinforcement. This training technique rewards the dolphins for a job well done.

Final Act:

Your time in the water may be finished, but your experience isn’t over yet! While you dry off our trainers will share practical advice on how you can make simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact on marine animals in the wild. We hope your time with the dolphins will inspire you to become a partner in our marine conservation efforts.


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Interaction time: 20 minutes

Program length: 45 minutes

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