Dolphinaris is one of the world’s leading providers of dolphin experiences, with dolphin habitats in Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Barcelo, and now Arizona. Unique in design with an emphasis on providing animals variable enrichment and habitat, the Arizona facility is the company’s first in the United States.

Company-wide, Dolphinaris exceeds federal and international standards of animal care and habitat, as indicated by its membership in the European Association for Aquatic Mammals and the Mexican Association of Habitats for Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals. Like all licensed US zoos and aquariums, Dolphinaris Arizona is subject to regular unannounced inspections by the USDA.

The pools hold approximately 1 million gallons of purified seawater that is monitored around the clock. The dolphins’ care and habitat is maintained by a team of skilled behaviorists and water quality experts, and lead by a full-time marine mammal veterinarian.

Dolphinaris also operates a foundation, which works in partnership with several universities, providing an opportunity for students to study dolphin biology, physiology, behavior, medicine and conservation issues for marine life. The company also sponsors a conservation study that monitors the ecosystem of dolphin habitats in the wild and how changes in the environment affect the dolphins and other wildlife.

A portion of sales at Dolphinaris is donated to support ocean and marine life conservation.

Dolphinaris Arizona strives to provide fun and educational experiences for all ages, from families to school groups, from young singles and to senior citizens.

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Ventura Entertainment

Ventura Entertainment

Ventura Entertainment is an entertainment company born from the merger of Dolphinaris, Group Entreteparq and Woodsy. Today, it is the second largest operator of parks nationwide in Mexico, with more than 2 million visitors a year. It has more than 1,500 employees and 9 amusement parks.

Our mission is to offer experiences and unforgettable memories to our visitors, through a culture of safety, quality, customer service and an excellent place to gather the best collaborators, renowned for their dedication, service attitude, respect for the environment and responsibility with society.

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