Concerned about the welfare of the dolphins? We are too. Rest assured that at Dolphinaris, the dolphins receive the highest level of care possible from animal behaviorists and veterinarians dedicated to their well-being. In fact, Dolphinaris adheres to the highest national and international standards of dolphin care, even higher than U.S. standards alone.

If you have ever been to a Dolphinaris facility, you know the dolphins are healthy, playful, and active, enjoying interacting with the caregivers and guests.

According to a 2014 AP analysis of 170 US zoos and aquariums, bottlenose dolphins in human care have an average life expectancy similar to animals studied in the wild. In fact, at some US facilities, bottlenose dolphins live as much as 2 decades longer on average than their wild counterparts.

Regarding safety, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (AHPIS) notes the safety record of dolphin interactions programs, saying “..interactive programs have been operating for over 20 years without any indications of health problems or incidents…”

Learn more about the world-class care and high standards of Dolphinaris below.

Born & raised in human care

The animals at Dolphinaris Arizona have all been born and raised in human care. None of our animals were taken from the wild.

Only positive reinforcement

Dolphins are taught cooperative behaviors and provided the highest quality of food, enriching habitat, and daily care by a team of professional behaviorists, veterinarians, and water quality experts. All of our interactions with the animals are based on positive reinforcement. These rewards include dolphin appropriate toys, play, water jets, tactile, guest interactions, and so much more.

Dolphin Free Time

Each day, our dolphins interact with visitors only a few hours total, and have at least 10 continuous hours without public interaction.

In fact, if a dolphin does not want to interact with guests, it’s okay, the dolphin is allowed to not participate that day. The dolphins are loved and cared for just the same.

Top Medical Care

We take dolphin health very seriously. That’s why we hire the best veterinarians in the industry. We monitor the health of the dolphins daily, including diet, weight, activity, and many other metrics.

At Dolphinaris Arizona, we don’t just meet standards, we strive to exceed them.




High-tech Filtering:

The water is kept clean and balanced with an advanced life-support system, which includes high-tech filters that cleans water, and ozone purification that removes dust and other impurities. The water is moved into the habitat by gravity, not motors, to keep the water quiet for the dolphins.

Indoor Shelter:

Our Arizona facility has an enclosed area to provide shelter for the dolphins during inclement weather such as dust storms.