Dolphinaris Cares

Dolphinaris cares deeply about aquatic mammals. We show this not just in our words, but in our actions.

First, Dolphinaris provides the highest level of care available, exceeding both national and international standards.

Also, Dolphinaris participates in educational programs with universities like Texas A&M University. These educational programs provide veterinarian students with hands-on experience with dolphins, helping them care for and protect aquatic mammals more effectively for years to come.

Dolphinaris also shows it cares by investing in research programs that seek to better understand dolphins. An example is a study on dolphin respiratory systems, which will hopefully provide for earlier detection of diseases in dolphins.

Dolphinaris also sponsors a conservation program in conjunction with Universidad Autonoma del Carmen. Together, we are studying wild populations of bottlenose dolphins in order to perform health assessments.

Dolphinaris Cares