[4 Reasons] Why our Dolphinaris Foundation is Awesome for Dolphins

We love dolphins. We all have, as far as we can remember. Our dreams as kids were to help dolphins. Living the life of a dolphin trainer gave us that amazing opportunity. So in a way, we accomplished what we set out to do. But we didn’t stop there. We knew that wasn’t enough.

Why not?

Because we knew dolphins were everywhere. Not just in our dolphinarium. Not only that, but marine pollution kept getting worse. We needed to find a way to help dolphins and oceans. We knew we had something special with Dolphinaris.

So we thought: how can we best take advantage of our privileged platform in order to help dolphins everywhere?

That’s when we came up with the Dolphinaris Foundation. What exactly is the Dolphinaris Foundation? Good question. To answer that, let’s a bit more in depth.

 Here are 4 reasons why our Dolphinaris Foundation is awesome for dolphins:

  1. The epiphany: actions speak louder than words

This was our seminal moment: recognizing that to be effective, you must back emotion with action. It’s simple. We had to do more than simply “love dolphins”.

Feeling an emotion is easy. Taking action? Not so much. It requires hard work and sacrifice. It’s why part of every sale is donated to our foundation. It means going out there, to the ocean. It means creating programs that unite the like-minded.

But that still wasn’t enough. Trying to reverse the problem is great. But even better? Preventing the problem from even taking place. What are talking about here exactly?
Marine pollution. It’s happening every day. Did you know there’s an island of plastic trash floating in the sea? Scientists estimate it’s the size of Texas!

This is clearly preventable. This brings us to our next reason: recruiting members to the cause. Showing the damages of today. Then hoping for a better tomorrow.

  1. We educate the next generation

Our most important task is recruiting members to the cause. You see…part of the problem is ignorance. Some folks simply don’t know what’s wrong. So we built a plan:

  1. Expose today’s damages.
  2. Hope for a better tomorrow.

How do we do this exactly?

We organize field trips for local schools. We teach them about our dolphins in an interactive environment. Can you think of a better field-trip for an inquisitive young mind?

We also get universities students involved too. We work with Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Every year they send students to Dolphinaris in order to get a “solid foundation in biology, physiology, behavior.” Also included in the program is a chance to “learn about conservation’s main issues.”

Another university we work with is Cornell. We host the final stage of their AQUAVET®III veterinary competition. Every year, the top veterinary students from the nation compete.

At stake?

A chance for in field research at Dolphinaris Cancun. There they will learn “anatomy, physiology, medicine, training, water quality control, fish handling, clinical laboratory, ophthalmology, preservation, reproduction, endoscopy, and ultrasonography.”

  1. We act on newly learned information

During our research, we learned new information about dolphins—and their environment. Then we consulted with the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen. Using our research, and their advice, we formed a plan. We would travel to Laguna de Terminos in Campeche, Mexico.

There they have one of the highest concentration of wild bottlenose dolphins in the world. It was the ideal spot to perform a health assessment on dolphins. Armed with that information, we could now infer any environmental damage.

It is conservation projects like these that push marine medical science forward.

  1. We’re always looking for more recruits
    This is how a revolution begins.

Someone—or some group of like-minded people, decide to do something different. To boldly lead the way to somewhere new. Somewhere better.


Others take notice and begin to follow. Before you know it, the ‘old way’ seems completely backward and dated. That’s our goal. To recruit enough people to make a difference.

With your help, we can improve the lives of dolphins and the ocean they live in…

Then, and only then will we truly fulfill our childhood dream.

You see the difference? You see what happens when you back emotion with action? We’re proud of everything the Dolphinaris Foundation is accomplished. We hope you’ve enjoyed our 4 reasons why our Dolphinaris Foundation is awesome for dolphins. We hope we’ve inspired you.

How can you help? Do you have a curious 8-year old at home? Or maybe a freshman in college trying to pick their major? Or maybe YOU’RE the curious one? 

If so, come to Dolphinaris and try our Dolphin Trainer Experience. Live a day in the life of a dolphin trainer. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be the one leading the program.